Rat Race Token


Rat Race Token

Rat Race Token is a small crypto project with roots in central and south Texas. Just two guys who have a love for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and have been frustrated with the rat race we live in.

This project is designed to allow small investors new to the crypto game take advantage of blockchain technology. That's why we have created this project! We want to create an opportunity for our investors to enjoy the ride on the Stellar blockchain. We might even have a chance for all of us to get out of the rat race.

Rat Race Token or XRAT is a security token that has come to life. XRAT is simple - It is a security cryptocurrency that will be influenced by you! The XRAT community! The Rat Race Partnership has decided to use the Stellar DEX (decentralized exchange) to create a store of value for all the lovely rats involved.

My partners and I have found

an ecosystem that will benefit our project token and the rats that will knaw their way in. We wanted to use an ecosystem that was an established blockchain network with simplicity for new cryptocurrency users and little to no fees. For those that are familiar with the crypto networks, the gas fees have been steep on the ethereum network as of late making it harder for beginner/small investors to jump into the markets.

In order to remove this barrier of entry, the developers have decided to use the Stellar Ecosystem to create this security token and receive a bigger bang for your rat bucks.

Our vision

for the project is to create a storage of value for all investors, sort of like a savings account at your bank but with some rewards involved.

In order for us to compile faster results for this project, the developers have decided to create a total fixed supply of only 3,030,303 XRAT. Compared to other meme coins such as dogecoin and shiba inu with extremely high supplies of coins, (hundreds of trillions) XRAT will examine the demand for a low supply security token.

The XRAT community will ultimately affect the outcome of the project and the Stellar blockchain will be the foundation.

Sign up now and start your journey.

Send an email to support@ratracetoken.com with your stellar wallet address and receive free xrat tokens


Contact support@ratracetoken.com to get more information on the project