XRAT is Currently in a Private ICO Stage

As of right now, XRAT (Rat Race Token) is only available to family & close friends for .01 per token. $100 USD = 10,000 XRAT. XRAT is not available on any exchanges as of yet.

How Do I Invest Into the Project?

Currently The Rat Race Token Project is only accepting XLM Lumens (our native token on the ecosytem). You can purchase this coin from Coinbase.com or Lobstr.co

Here are some instructional videos for both platforms. The Lobstr Platform will be required to receive your XRAT Token

I Have My XLM, Now What?

Once you have purchased your XLM (on coinbase.com or lobstr.co) you can copy and paste the corresponding wallet address and send your investment amount. The Stellar Network also allows you to send a memo with your transaction, so let us know who you are. :)

Send Your XLM (Lumens) to This Wallet Address


I've sent my payment of XLM, How do I Get My XRAT?

Configure Your Lobstr Wallet to Add XRAT

**This is a critical stage in the configuration on your lobstr wallet, if not done correctly your wallet will not receive payment of XRAT tokens. Watch this simple video to learn how to "add asset" on Lobstr.