How Much is XRAT?

1 XRAT (Rat Race Token) will = $0.01 - $100 USD = 10,000 XRAT. But as the community grows and demand grows for XRAT the price will gradually increase. Early investors will have the greatest return.

How Do I Invest Into the Project?

Currently The Rat Race Token Project is only accepting XLM Lumens (our native token on the ecosytem). You can purchase this XLM from

This particular wallet is easy to use and works well with our token.

How do I add my XRAT Trustline?

Configure Your Lobstr Wallet to Add XRAT

**This is a critical stage in the configuration on your lobstr wallet, if not done correctly your wallet will not receive payment of XRAT tokens. Watch this simple video to learn how to "add asset" on Lobstr.

I Have My XLM, Now What?

Once you have purchased your XLM (on and established a trustline with XRAT. You can now swap your assets from XLM to XRAT.